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Una: commemorative wine bottle to celebrate 150 Years of the Unity of Italy

The limited edition is not on sale and embraces significant symbolic values. The contents of the bottles, specifically designed by Aldo Cibic and Riccardo Facci, involved forty native grapes

“UNA”, the Bottle conceived by VeronaFiere-Vinitaly to celebrate 150 Years of the Unity of Italy, was presented in New York to the President of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano. Ettore Riello, Giovanni Mantovani and Nicola Moscardo, respectively President, CEO and Director of VeronaFiere, presented the Head of State with Bottle Number 1.
The project for this commemorative bottle, based on an idea of the President Riello during the 2010 edition of Vinitaly during the historic visit by President Napolitano, was officially presented last October at the Italian Embassy in Washington and culminated with this prestigious gesture in New York, which will be followed by presentations and occasions for visibility during the 45th Vinitaly scheduled in Verona 7-11 April.
The Bottle celebrating the 150th Anniversary, after this official consignment to President Napolitano, will be given to leading international dignitaries. The limited edition is not on sale and embraces significant symbolic values: in short, it aims to be a tool for promotion highlighting the special features of Italian wine-growing and the typical cultural values of the country it represents all over the world.
The contents of the bottles, specifically designed by Aldo Cibic and Riccardo Facci, involved forty native grapes (twenty white and twenty red) in a presentation case containing “Vino Rosso d’Italia” and "Vino Bianco d'Italia” embodying the 20 regions of Italy. These wines will be served on official occasions celebrating the foundation of the Italian State, even abroad. The creation of the blends involved Assoenologi, while the native grapes and relative wines were specifically chosen by 20 regional councillors.
"The project for “The Unity of Italy Bottle” was launched at the last Vinitaly during the visit of the President of the Republic to our event. Today, here in New York, it is part of an important occasion for celebration," emphasised the President of Veronafiere, Ettore Riello, yesterday on consigning the first bottle “UNA” to Giorgio Napolitano.
"Our initiative was warmly received by the President of the Republic who personally requested that it be expanded as far as possible through other approaches - within the scope of the 2011 edition of Vinitaly in Verona and abroad during the Vinitaly in the World tours to the main cities all over the world - that would also help at the same time to strengthen national identity and valorise through wine the other excellences that Italy boasts in many fields. The consignment of bottle UNA in New York confirms the role for the promotion and valorisation of Made in Italy in Italy itself and abroad that characterises the operations VeronaFiere."
These were the choices of the Councillors for Agriculture in the Italian Regions:

The 20 native red grape varieties used to make "Vino Rosso d'Italia"

Valle d’Aosta: Petit rouge;
Piedmont: Barbera;
Lombardy: Croatina;
Liguria: Rossese di Dolceacqua;
Veneto: Raboso;
Trentino Alto Adige: Teroldego;
Friuli Venezia Giulia: Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso
Emilia Romagna: Sangiovese
Tuscany: Sangiovese
Latium: Cesanese di Affile
Umbria: Sagrantino
Marches: Lacrima
Abruzzo: Montepulciano
Molise: Tintilia
Puglia: Negroamaro
Campania: Aglianico
Basilicata: Aglianico del Vulture
Calabria: Gaglioppo
Sicily: Nero d’Avola
Sardinia: Carignano

The 20 native white grape varieties used to make "Vino Bianco d'Italia"

Valle d’Aosta: Priè Blanc
Piedmont: Cortese
Liguria: Vermentino
Lombardy: Trebbiano di Lugana
Veneto: Garganega
Trentino Alto Adige: Weissburgunder
Friuli Venezia Giulia: Friulano
Emilia Romagna: Pignoletto
Tuscany: Vernaccia di San Gimignano
Umbria: Grechetto
Latium: Malvasia
Marches: Verdicchio
Abruzzo: Trebbiano
Molise: Falanghina
Puglia: Fiano
Campania: Fiano
Basilicata: Greco
Calabria: Greco Bianco
Sicily: Grillo
Sardinia: Vermentino

“UNA”: Expresses the authentic spirit and personality of Italy as perennial testimony to the love of the land, skill, art and hard work of its people. The design of the Unity of Italy Bottle by Aldo Cibic and Riccardo Facci is replete with history and extraordinary evocative force. From the outset, the idea was inspired by and developed around a concept of strong identity, almost an archetype of wine bottles yet new and contemporary, able to convey different emotive levels: wine, land, tradition, unity and Italy.

Enotria: Italy is the leading wine exporter in the world in terms of quantity, second in terms of value, fourth in terms of income generated by tourism, first with 44 sites in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, first in Europe for output of Dop and Igp quality certified products and can rely on a background of 4,470 typical agro-food products in its regions.

by Graziano Alderighi
04 april 2011, World News > Italy