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It arrives the “white, red and green red wine”, the Unity of Italy wine

The City of Wine association presents in a single bottle the wines of Italy; a selection of the most representative local grape varieties. The achiever is Roberto Cipresso

The 150 years of Italy in a single wine: the “white, red and green” red wine which contains in a single bottle the wines of Italy by considering the most representative grape varieties of Italy: from the Sangiovese to the Sagrantino, from Barbera to Nebbiolo, from Corvina to Montepulciano, without forgetting the Aglianico, the Primitivo and the Nero d'Avola or the Cannonau, taking into account all the Italian regions, from Val d'Aosta to Sicily.

Roberto Cipresso, world famous Italian winemaker, created it for the City of Wine association, which will present the bottle number 0 of this wine, called “Il Taglio per l’Unità”, the 5th of November at the “Merano International Wine Festival”. The special cuvee will be realized in 150 magnums, one for each year of Italy, which will be offered to the Italian President Giorgio Napolitano to be donated in official occasions.

This is the result of a refined work by Roberto Cipresso which created the wine by merging the 20 local grapes given by 30 wine companies from all over the country.

According to the City of Wine association Chairman Giampaolo Pioli, “the result is a wine that expresses the idea of the unity of the country, so strongly desired in the years it was achieved, besides the fragmentation and the very diverse conditions of the different parts of the peninsula that succeeded in feeling like a single entity, perhaps just because of those differences.

Nowadays there is the need to find that enthusiasm again and there is no other product which is able to represent the whole country like the wine”. All the Italian regions participate to the project.

by T N
02 may 2011, World News > Italy