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Pig breeding sector, Italy’s support

“The pig breading sector, as everybody should know by now, is one of the pillars of the Italian agrifood and we will not leave the sector alone facing this particularly difficult phase”. With these words the minister of food forest and agricultural Policies Luca Zaia spoke about the that the sector is facing.

“The pig breeding sector has been for months working on strategic relaunch of the sector but today, the Minister continued, my priority are the breeders, in severe difficulties because of the fall of the quotations of the live animals, a fall that is only in small part compensated by the reduction of the feeds cost and the decrease of the cereal’s price. The financial problems of the enterprises are obvious and the Ministry is ready to take action. It is not an easy period for the economy in general and for the banks, but we have worked with Abi and Ismea in order to activate the extraordinary measures previewed by Brussels on the credit and the regime de minimis, as part of the measures aimed at supporting the economy”.

“Our commitment, adds Zaia, does not stop at this. We are working to activate the Action Plan launched last July”. Speaking of which the Minister underlines that:

- the Single Market Commission has drawn the Regulation and currently it is fully operative. Now it needs to become executive in contracts of chain supply;

- for the evaluation of the dead weight carcasses a survey has been carried out on 24 national slaughter houses and a plan has been defined for the involvement of all the regional laughter structures. Within April data will be available on more than 21 slaughter houses representative of more than 7 million animals slaughtered every year;

- productive programming: the Ministry has addressed the topic with the productive chains and the Antitrust and has inserted the proposal of the productive programming among the Italian demands oin the debate on the Green Book of the quality products and the successive modifications of Reg. 510/06;

- valorisation GSP: the first promotion campaign of the Gran Suino padano has been successfully carried out.

The Minister closes confirming that “the Ministry wants to do its part in supporting the pig breeding sector and is ready to renew its commitment in supporting its promotion and valorisation. It is necessary that everybody does their part. If the promotion of the pig works but the at the same time the Commission is not able to operate it means that the productive chain does not exist or it is not compact. We need a verification with the operators, to relaunch the common aims and strategies. I have given indication to the offices of the Ministry, concludes Zaia, to convene a technical table of the productive chain for the 1st of April. This table will be preceded by a meeting between breeders and the credit system so as to face in best possible ways the current financial emergency”.

Origin: Agricoltura Italiana Online

by S. C.
21 march 2009, World News > Italy