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Italian wines conquer restaurants around the world

Italy is the country that produces the most wine in the world. Followed by France, Spain and the United States, it is one of the most recognized producers and a guarantee of quality that has earned its place in the best restaurants and wineries in the world.

Italian wines are actually one of the best options for restaurants all around the world when it is the time of composing a wine list since they are very food-friendly and has varieties for every kind of dish. Italy has, in fact, the largest range of wine varieties in the world, which means that almost any item in a restaurant menu can find a perfect match on an Italian wine. From French to Mexican cuisine, fine Italian wines are your safest bet.
The choice of an adequate wine is crucial when preparing menus and selecting a beverage to accompany any dish since a good combination between the food and the drink will enhance flavors and scents of both while an unfortunate pair will not let any of them shine, hiding the traits that make them special. For example, the choice of a strong wine when serving a delicate entrée risks making the dish appear bland. In general, as chefs and maîtres know, simple wines work best with elaborated and complex foods while intricate wines might enhance the flavor of more straightforward dishes.

Notorious restaurants will present customers with a wine list able to respond to any food they choose as well as a significant selection of sweet wines for dessert, often underrated but that can make the final dish one of the most memorable ones. Ideally, for each menu item or flavor category, the restaurant should offer at least three different wines at different range prices and the list should represent both Old and New World wines.

However great the amount of wine varieties is, Italy is mostly known for its red wines specially those in Piedmont and Tuscany, partly because red wine production almost doubles the production of white wine but also because the majority of Italy’s most famous wines are red, like Chianti and Barolo. The regions of Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Alto Adige however produce high quality white wines such as Fiano Avellino and Greco di Tufo, truly a must for every winery.

Italy has to this day 333 zones officially classified as DOC and 59 DOCG, Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed origin, the highest level in Italian wine classification.
Italian wine producers have reached a level of excellence in the production of wines that is hardly in line with other industries in the country. The adoption of improved techniques and machinery have played an important role in optimizing and therefore increasing the production of wine in Italy while at the same time the producers have made the effort of maintaining the singularity and the character that makes Italian wine unique.

Next time you go to a restaurant and order, make sure to try one of the Italian types present in the wine list, it will bring out the flavors and qualities of food.

by S. C.
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