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Peaches on the beach

Italy is encouraging consumers to rediscover the Italian taste and the pleasure of summer fruits

"The campaign" Peaches on the beach ", promoted by the Ministry, is part of the initiatives Italy is carrying out to support the national fruit and vegetable sector. In this moment it is important to support the sector that is affected by the economic crisis, aggravated by the consequences of the E-coli alarm. This is the reason why, together with the Consortium, Minister decided to promote the quality of Italian peaches and nectarines with geographical indication, giving them for free on the beaches, encouraging consumers to rediscover the Italian taste and the pleasure of summer fruits. With "Peaches on the beach" will reach a pool of more than half a million people and it will be the start of a project that we want to consolidate and repeat frequently. " With these words the Minister of Agricultural Food and Forestry Policies, Saverio Romano, presented, the 28 July, the campaign "Peaches on the beach", sponsored by the Ministry in collaboration with the Harbour Office - Coast Guard, fishing and the Consorzio pesca e nettarina di romagna Igp, the Consorzio di tutela della pesca di Verona Igp and the Consorzio di tutela della pesca di Leonforte Igp under the coordination of the Fruit and vegetable co-operative society (CSO). The press conference was attended by the Ministry Chief of Cabinet, Cons. Antonello Colosimo, Admiral Chief Inspector of the Harbor - Coastal Guard, Marco Brusco, the Councillor for Agriculture and promotion of local products, Angela Birindelli, and the Cav. Paolo Bruni, President of the CSO. "We are present every day on the territory, said Admiral Brusco, for the protection of citizens and we will proudly represent the Ministry in this campaign on the beaches." "The consortia involved have accepted immediately and with conviction, added Cav. Bruni, to the Ministry's initiative for the Promotion of fruit in a time of crisis like this. "Peaches on the beach" will be an opportunity to give visibility to Italian products such as peaches and nectarines, known for their unique taste, juiciness and for their quality. We invite all the Italian to eat fruit in season, following the advice of the World Health Organization to consume at least 400 grams of fruit and vegetable products a day. " "Peaches on the beach" is a promotion campaign which consists of promoting via press and which sees the free distribution of peaches and nectarines which will take place on the following dates: - August 13 to 14: Emilia Romagna - 20-21 August: Veneto and Lazio - 27-28 August: Sicily. Among the towns involved: Cesenatico, Milano Marittima, Cervia, Rosolina Mare, Jesolo, Peschiera, Ostia Lido, Fregene, Taormina, Catania, Palermo.

Source: Agricoltura italiana on line

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01 august 2011, World News > Italy