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Italy: its time for a law that defends the Made in Italy agrifood products

“Today’s meeting highlighted the central issues on which we must reflect in order to make the fight against the agricultural counterfeiting and a so called Italian sounding more effective. The precious work of the Parliamentary Commission and what I heard today, made me realize that there are the necessary conditions and presuppositions that help us to work on a hypothesis of law decree of the “Made in Italy” protection.
This declared the Minister for agricultural food and forestry policies, intervening at the presentation of the relation on the counterfeiting in the agricultural sector, realized by the Parliamentary Commission of enquiry on the counterfeiting and piracy phenomena. The meeting was held in Rome at the Coldiretti office.
“I think it is important to underline that we are not ‘starting from zero in the fight the counterfeiting phenomena: on the contrary, the fundamental objectives have been just achieved during the last 20-30 years both at the national and at the Eu level. Italy boasts an advanced legislation and praiseworthy work of organisms such as the Nucleo antifraud Carabinieri –Nac, the State forestry Corps and Central Inspectorate for protection of quality and repression frauds of food products (Icqrf).
But taking into consideration the complex and variegated reality we must have articulate answers, the Minister explained, in order to address the issue. I believe it is necessary, moreover, to think seriously about some proposals presented today, like for example the disqualification from any activity for those who have counterfeited. Such a measure would be a stronger deterrent than simple pecuniary sanction. We must not forget that the real victim is, besides the consumer, the Italian farmer, who must be protected.”
At the meeting there were also the Procuratore antimafia Pietro Grasso and the President of Coldiretti Sergio Marini. Minister Catania also commented the affair of the Simest and Lactitalia company: “I am sure that money of the Italian taxpayers cannot invested abroad in products that compete with ours, that negatively influence the Italian enterprisers and especially the agricultural ones, that already have to face a difficult economic conjuncture. I have already expressed this position to the titular of the Ministry of the economic development, Corrado Passera”.

Source: Aiol

by S. C.
23 january 2012, World News > Italy