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National Montiferru Prize

The Committee Montiferru, composed of the Chamber of Commerce of Oristano, the Province of Oristano, the town of Seneghe, the agency Laore
Sardegna and Agris Sardegna and the National Association City of Oil, organizes the 19th edition of the “National Montiferru Prize”.
The Prize, which is sponsored by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies and the Department of Agriculture of Sardinia, has been set up in order to promote the national and international olive-growing and the activities aiming at enhancing high quality extra virgin olive oil produced and packaged in Italy and Abroad. For all producers this event represents an appointment which is not to be missed.
Farms, olive press owners and olive growers can compete in single or associated form for the Prize Montiferru, provided that they produce or package extra virgin olive oil with chemical-physical and organoleptical parameters set in the Rules of Participation.
A Special Prize is awarded to the best International Extra virgin olive oils that can compete in their own Single Section. Therefore all Foreign Producers who want to participate in the competition have to send the attached application form within 2nd February 2012 to the fax numbers 0039 0783 2143401-2 or by e-mail to and send the samples within 9th February 2012, under the terms of the Rules of Participation.
The samples in competition will be put through sensory analysis carried out by a qualified National Jury. The finalists will be submitted also to chemical analysis.
The final day of the Competition with the prize-giving ceremony will take place in Seneghe (OR) in the first twenty days of March 2012.
For further and detailed information we kindly invite you to visit the following web sites where it is possible to download the application forms.
The Montiferru Prize participation is subject to the payment of the participation fee equal to € 50.00 for each oil sample in competition, to be paid according to the terms of the Rules, to partially cover the costs of chemical and sensory analysis and printing and forwarding of the Official Catalogue.

by S. C.
27 january 2012, World News > Italy