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International success for the sixth edition of Olio Capitale

A positive balance for the event in Trieste that is becoming every year more the capital of world of olive oil excellence. Big emotions during the proclamation of the winners of the competition

Olio Capitale is every year more the capital of the world of olive oil excellence.
A positive balance in all of the sixth edition: record of producers presents, with exhibition space expanded to a fourth pavilion, and visitors, with 15% more than last year, reaching nearly 7000 appearances. Historical record of jurors in Olio Capitale International Competition: 124 persons, suggesting that the participation of the general public is growing and is felt. Large inflow and benches are always full of lessons for Cooking Oil Capital.
"An issue very important, many have been paying visitors, we have surpassed the record of past editions, we have brought an incredible number of carefully selected buyers," said Antonio Paoletti, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Trieste.
Satisfaction also from exhibitors: "We have had confirmation of a rising interest for the Tergeste Dop, thanks to the numerous tastings of oils in the province of Trieste - said Paolo Starec, president of the Consortium Tergeste Dop -. Positive feedback from the general public, and especially from Trieste to Austria and Slovenia, but also by visitors, especially from Chinese buyers and Australian".
The sixth edition will be remembered as the year of the great increase in attendance from the Far East between the professional audience. Trained and extremely competent, have come here expressly to Trieste Oil Capital, which has become, at the international level, the appointment for those who want a comprehensive view of quality Italian extra virgin. Not only Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China: business meetings, 950 made, have also seen the participation of buyers from all over Europe and from Australia, USA, Canada, Israel.
Many ideas and proposals were launched in a few days ago during Olio Capitale, as the appeal "Do not let die Italian olive oil research" that arrived to Brussels: "The European agricultural system - shows Paolo De Castro, chairman of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Parliament - is the focus of a crisis, and d 'uncertainty unprecedented in recent history. Markets are affected by volatility in the future destined to become a phenomenon systematically, our food supply system will be sorely tested in coming years. In this context, the olive and olive oil sector, is not, unfortunately, an exception. What is needed is, first, an institutional commitment to promote knowledge and innovation as engines of development. A challenge, against which, investment in research, dissemination of knowledge, sharing of organizational and process innovations, they must bring a significant contribution. Objectives to be pursued with great determination, since these areas are achievable only in the presence of adequate structural strength and organization. "
In closing, the proclamation of the winners of the Olio Capitale International Competition: "In this edition we have had 250 oils, including 45 from abroad, all were made anonymous, were shortlisted by a professional panel - explains Alberto Grimelli, coordinator of the Competition - the 5 finalists per category were tasted by three juries and so it has come to the final verdict on which accounted for about 30% the judgment of the restaurant, 30% of what consumers and 40% of tasters " .

The winners of the sixth edition of the Olio Capitale International Competition:

Light Fruity Category
Prince - Ferla (SR)

Medium Category Fruity
Dop Valli Trapanese - Trapani (TP)

Intense Category fruity
Convivio - Monocultivar Ravece - Ariano Irpino (AV)
The honourable mentios

Popular Jury
Monocultivar Nocellara Belice - Albanian Vaccarizzo (CS)

Jury restaurateurs
Convivio - Monocultivar Ravece - Ariano Irpino (AV)

Jury tasters
Ca 'Bianca Oleum - Arco (TN)

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02 april 2012, World News > Italy