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News for Chianti Classico designation

The assembly of Chianti Classico Wine Consortium members met in Tavarnelle and by a wide majority approved the measures proposed by the board of directors to revamp the denomination.

It was agreed that a new quality description will be created for the wines at the very top of the quality pyramid. Currently, there are two designations – vintage and reserve. The new designation, the name of which will be decided in coming weeks, will exclusively denote Chianti Classico wines that are 100% made from grapes grown at a specific winery. Also, this new category of Chianti Classico can be marketed only 30 months from grape harvesting, three of which spent in the bottle as for the Riserva, whose maturation period remains two years, and 12 months for the vintage wine.

by S. C.
19 june 2012, World News > Italy