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Flormart wait you in Padua (Italy)

Flormart, from Sep. 13th to 15th in Padua (Italy), is an international showcase of the nursery-gardening sector and a point of reference for the professional market of Mediterranean Europe.

Flormart is the show that expresses the current trends, develops them and reintroduces them as a sales opportunity to the specialized companies of the sector, which in turn express their own strategies during the Exhibition for giving form to ideas and projects.

Flormart is the place where the know-how of the whole nursery gardening sector is increased and concentrated on, it is the most significant moment of the market for the meeting of supply and demand, for comparing new “trends” in the use of quality finished products and where operators can speak directly to clients and present their products and technologies and their application, to successfully reach the foreseen sales objectives.

An international exhibition like Flormart becomes a marketing and communication tool for all the operators who, in just a few days and in a single location, meet acquired and potential clients, foreign and Italian. It is also an opportunity for contact with the sales network: agents, distributors, dealers, large-scale retail trade, GDS, garden centers.

The key to the success of Flormart is in the forming of a team made up of all those involved in the nursery-gardening world who read all the signs to understand where the market is going. Institutions and operators meet around the same table to analyze and create initiatives focused on supporting production and commercialization of a qualitatively competitive product.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Policy itself, committed to sustaining a three-year plan that foresees financing in favour of the promotion of the nursery-gardening product, has planned its participation at Flormart giving a tangible sign of interest of the institution towards the nursery-gardening sector.

by S. C.
29 august 2012, World News > Italy