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Agriculture G8. Three days that will make history

“Three days that will make history. This meeting will draw a document that will re-map the agriculture of this new century”. With these words the Minister of agricultural food and forestry policies Luca Zaia, during the daily press briefing, presented the G8 Agricultures Ministers’ Meeting that opened yestarday at 12,00.
In Castelbrando there are already, aside from the Italian Presidency, the delegations of all the G8 Countries, the European Commissioner to Agriculture Mariann Fischer Boel and the vice-minister of Agriculture of the Czech Republic and EU Presidency representative, Ivo Hlavac. Thirteen people are part of the Italian delegation; eight form the French one; six the German delegation; whereas the Russian, Japanese, British, American, and the Czech Republic have each five people like the European Commission. The Ministers of Agriculture of all the Countries are present at the meeting and the Czech Republic is represented by its Vice Minister.

“The Italian Presidency will synthesize and take into account all the requests presented. These past days I have had numerous occasions to exchange ideas and thoughts with my colleagues and I see that all of us are very committed to finding a solution to exit the crisis and guarantee food security, in both the Developing countries and in the industrialized ones.”

“When we speak about food security –Zaia explained – we are not focused only in guaranteeing food for all but we are also speaking about food safety, that is working to ensure safe, healthy and quality food for all. Quality should not be a luxury but a standard, and on this Italy is on the front line. For this reason one of the topics on the agenda of the meeting is exactly the issue of the origin of the products. Eating a product like the Parmesan, that badly imitates one of the top products of our agrifood production, is like wearing a bad copy of a Swiss watch: it might look the same but after a few days you have to throw it away”.

“The protection of food quality and healthyness is also the protection of local productions”, the Minister continued. “By protecting productive identities we guarantee an agricultural model that allies new technologies with the land and that is able to protect and safeguard farmers and consumers in every corner of the planet”.

by S. C.
19 april 2009, World News > Italy