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Italy controls GMO MON810 corn cultivation

The aim was to verify the real nature and origin of the maize planted last week in the Pordenone province

The 15th of June about 6000 square meters of land allegedly have been cultivated planted the GMO MON810 corn by a farmer in Vivaro, Pordenone province .

With regard to the news diffused these days, that affirmed the possibility to plant, in our country, genetically modified seeds without any authorisation, the Ministry of agriculture food and forestry policies has pointed out that: “in light and in respect of the sentence of the EU Court of justice dated 6th of September 2012 and 18th of May 2013, the right to cultivate the GMOs must coexist with the right of the State to condition the cultivation to the adequate norms of coexistence with both the traditional or organic agriculture, in order to avoid any possible mixing of these productions and consequent economic damages.” The current norm, in fact, foresee that the agricultural areas that have GMO MAIZE be specifically signed and communicated to the Regions and Autonomous Provinces.

The owner of the land allegedly has confirmed the GMO nature of the planted seeds coming from Spain, but at the same time has prevented the State Forestry Corps to the access the cultivations, access that was necessary to continue the sampling of the product to be analysed. Nevertheless the controls have highlighted the absence of the tables with the indication of the GMO’s origin, something that is an administrative infringement.
The controls to verify the regular labelling of the used seeds are aimed at the guaranteeing the further traceability of the maize, in order to render the consumer aware of the nature of the product and prevent frauds on food and animal feed.

by S. C.
01 july 2013, World News > Italy