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G8 farming summit in Italy

It is a forum established by the 7 leading industrialised nations, plus Russia (since 1997).

The G8 is a forum established by the 7 leading industrialised nations, plus Russia (since 1997). The G7, formed in 1976, when Canada joined the Group of Six (France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Britain and the United States), was never officially disbanded and its finance ministers continue to meet.

Italy will hold the G8 Presidency in 2009.

From the 18 to the 20 April in Cison di Valmarino, in province of Treviso, there will be the first ever Agriculture G8 Summit.

The Summit

The Summit will take place in Cison di Valmarino (Treviso) from 18th to 20th April 2009. It is the first summit of the Ministers of agriculture of the G8 Countries.

- Issue on the agenda: the world food emergency. This is the issue suggested by the Summit of the leaders of the G8 Countries held in Toyako (Japan) on last July

- Format: given the specificity of the subject matter, the debate involves Countries and international Bodies that are the main actors of the world agriculture. According to the guidelines provided by the coordination of the Italian G8 Presidency, the Summit of Cison di Valmarino will be attended by the Ministers of the G8 Countries (Italy, France, Great Britain, Germany, USA, Japan, Canada and Russia), the Minister of agriculture of the Czech Republic in his capacity as President in Office of the EU Council, the EU Commissioner for agriculture Marianne Fischer Boel and the Ministers of agriculture of: Brazil, China, India, Mexico, South Africa and Egypt (G5+Egypt format). The FAO, World Food Program, IFAD, World Bank and the High Level Task Force top leaders will also be invited.

- Program: the program envisages a first meeting according to the G8 format, to be held on Saturday 18th , followed by bilateral meetings in the wonderful venue of Castelbrando, an ancient restructured Abbey hosting a highly prestigious Hotel and a first gala dinner attended by all the invited Ministers and the local Authorities. Sunday will be devoted to the knowledge of the dynamic rural environment of the Marca trevigiana (the surrounding area) and the introduction of typical products -pride of our tradition- and cultural initiatives. The working session will be opened on Monday morning and it will be attended by all the Ministers and the representatives of the International Bodies. The working session will be concluded by a Joint Press conference and a lunch.

- Objective: to detect a common strategy to face or, however, to decrease, the impact of future world food emergencies. A joint declaration will be negotiated and, possibly, brought to the attention of the leaders of the G8 Countries in view of the Summit that will take place on July in the island of Maddalena, Italy.

- The Strategy: a working document is still being drafted to identify the actions to be undertaken and coordinated by the different governments with the concrete participation of the main UN bodies directly involved and with the World Bank in order to place again the agricultural production at the very centre of economic policies’ strategies, to tackle speculations, to improve the production sectors, to stimulate the investments, the targeted aids set for low income areas with agricultural vocation worldwide.

by S. C.
02 february 2009, World News > Italy