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First prise to Italian agrifood

The Giro d’Italia is finished. Big success for the Mipaaf project `la qualità del Giro' that allowed spectators and runners to taste the traditional dishes of the areas crossed by the race.

“Italian agriculture deserves the first prize for the excellence it has shown in this 100th Giro d’Italia. This year we have celebrated a century of victories, emotions and successes that have made this event a symbol of all the Italian sport. The same can be said for our rich agrifood heritage that, since always, is one of the symbols of the Made in Italy in the world and that has accompanied the event since its beginning. This exciting sporting event, and the project `la qualità in Giro' that we have carried out with RCS Spa Sport, have been an important way to valorise the many products that represent the history and the ancient food and gastronomic tradition of our Regions”.

With these words the Minister of food forest and agricultural policies Luca Zaia commented the last day of the giro d’Italia and the last stage of the project carried out by Mipaaf and RCS Spa Sport, “la qualità in Giro”.

At every step of the event there was a gastronomic happening where the local specialities where cooked and the public had the opportunity to taste the wonderful excellences that each region had to offer. The aim was to promote and defend the quality Made in Italy products, to support and to increase the consumption of Designated of origin products. The project also wanted to raise awareness on a correct diet and the importance of regular sport activities that can improve our wellness.

Source: Agricoltura Italiana on line

by S. C.
04 june 2009, World News > Italy