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Explosion in Viareggio train station

A freight train carrying liquefied petroleum gas left the tracks near Viareggio station last night causing a disastrous explosion.

The toll is tragically high with some dead, missing and injured, some of whom are in a serious or very serious condition.

The accident, which took place at midnight, triggered a blast that engulfed nearby buildings, some of which collapsed.

The victims include two children, whose bodies have already been recovered, several passers-by in the street that runs alongside the tracks, and residents of two buildings that collapsed. There is visible damage to other buildings in the area. One thousand people have been evacuated from their homes.

The prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, was kept constantly informed about the rail disaster by the junior minister for the Prime Minister’s Office, Paolo Bonaiuti, and the head of the civil protection agency, Guido Bertolaso. Italy’s minister of transport, Altero Matteoli, has also appointed a commission of inquiry. The news was announced by the ministry press office, which said that officials from the rail safety agency were at the site of the disaster to make preliminary investigations.

by S. C.
30 june 2009, World News > Italy