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New European Union protected label for Italy salami

The 'Ciauscolo' salami was awarded a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) seal by the European Commission on Monday along with Spain's 'Pan de Crus de Ciudad Real' bread and the Portuguese potato 'Batata dolce de Aljezur'.

Some 850 European products have been awarded one of the EU's three protected origin laurels, which aside from the PGI include the PDO (Protected Denomination of Origin) and the TSG (Traditional Guaranteed Speciality).

Italian culinary glories like Parmigiano, buffalo mozzarella, mortadella, lardo di Colonnata, Ascoli olives, pesto sauce and Pachino plum tomatos have been protected for some time but lesser-known munchies like Mt Etna prickly pears and Paestum artichokes have also swelled the ranks along with saffron from San Gimignano and L'Aquila.

A range of salamis, rices, honeys and nuts are also on the protected list.

Some other notable recent Italian entries have been: a golden tench from Piedmont, the Tinca Gobba Dorata, which got a PDO; salty anchovies from the Ligurian Sea, which got a PGI; the Casatella cheese from Treviso, which got a PDO; a spring onion from Nocera Inferiore, which got a PDO; a chestnut from Roccadaspide, also in Campania, which got a PGI; bread from Matera in Basilicata, which got a PGI; an onion from Tropea in Calabria, which got a PGI; and a salame from Sant'Angelo in Sicily, which also got a PGI.

by S. C.
19 august 2009, World News > Italy