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Australia invests $2 million in biochar research

Biochar is a stable type of char made by burning organic materials, such as wood or crop waste in a low oxygen environment. It can be added to soil to sequester carbon and improve soil health

S. C.

250,000 New Zealanders have an incurable disease

Two powerful organisations in New Zealand have teamed up to fight obesity, diabetes and related health issues, using science and common sense

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Start a new Christmas tradition and plant native trees

Environmental charity Greenfleet plants native forests around Australia to help fight climate change, restore habitat for native wildlife, improve soil and water quality, and much more

S. C.

Australia decided for own national standards in olive oil

Controversy with Ioc but Standards Australia chief Colin Blair insisted it would establish a benchmark so consumers get what they pay for

Ernesto Vania

Australia fights against Hendra virus

The government understands there are community concerns around Hendra caused by recent developments in Queensland and Northern New South Wales

S. C.

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