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Landcare funding increases to $36 million 2010-11 Budget

The 2010-11 Budget allocates $36 million in funding to support Landcare community groups and volunteers across Australia – a $1 million increase on last year’s funding.

Last year, the Rudd Government committed $35 million to Landcare. In 2011-12 funding is projected to increase again to $39 million.

Overall funding for Caring for our Country also increases in the 2010-11 Budget by $15 million to $423 million.

Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Tony Burke said the boost to Landcare funding in the 2010-11 Budget was not as high as projected last year, but was nevertheless an increase.

He said the increased funding reflected the Government’s strong support for Landcare and the 100,000 volunteers carrying out vital work in communities across the nation.

Where possible, the reduction in the boost in funding to Landcare and Caring for our Country will be accounted for within the Departments of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry and Environment Protection, Heritage and the Arts.
- Funding for Landcare facilitators will not change –$8.4 million will be invested in 2010-11
- Funding for Community Action Grants will continue
- Regional base level funding for Australia’s resource management organisations will not change – another $138 million will be invested in 2010-11

by S. C.
12 may 2010, World News > Oceania