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$6.3 million to help land managers adapt to climate change

The Rudd Government is continuing to roll out programs to help primary producers adapt to climate change, with another $6.3 million announced today.

Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Tony Burke has announced the funding under the FarmReady Industry Grants – part of Australia’s Farming Future.

Primary producers, natural resource management groups and Indigenous land managers can apply for grants of up to $80,000 a year under the program.

The grants support projects that promote strategies for dealing with climate change; promote climate change adaptation and mitigation and encourage the use of best practice management techniques.

The first round of 46 projects cover a wide range of industries, including forest-based industries, grains, cherries, turf, dairy, horticulture, pastures, macadamias, rice, abalone and aquaculture.

Mr Burke said the Rudd Government was working to help our primary industries meet the challenges of climate change, including increasing self-reliance and preparedness.

“We recognise that we need to act now to help make our primary industries more resilient – because no-one will feel the effects of climate change more than our farmers,” Mr Burke said.

“These grants are designed to ensure research makes it from the lab to the farm.

“I welcome the broad range of industries which have applied for this funding, which shows our primary producers want to remain world leaders in climate change preparedness.”

FarmReady also offers reimbursement grants of up to $1,500 a year to eligible individual primary producers and Indigenous land managers to participate in approved training courses.

Mr Burke said the Government would call for submissions under a second round of FarmReady Industry Grants later in the year.

Further information about FarmReady is available at

For the full list of the first round of FarmReady Industry Grants, see the following page.


Up to $20,000 - Pome fruit chilling hours - at risk? - Apple and Pear Australia Ltd (Victoria)
This project is designed to determine whether a reduction in orchard chilling hours, with global warming, is a threat to the pome fruit industry and what actions need to be taken to counter any reduction.

Up to $239,050 - Improving capacity of organic producers to manage climate change - Organic Federation of Australia (NSW)
The project will develop best practice information outlining strategies for dealing with climate change specifically for organic producers.

Up to $240,000 - Forest Industries Climate Change Adaptation: from policy to practice - National Association of Forest Industries (ACT)
This project will synthesise adaption information, knowledge and tools in forest-based industries regarding current understanding of likely regional and national impacts of climate change.

Up to $210,000 - Working with the Australian cherry growers to understand and manage the risks and opportunities from climate change - Cherry Growers of Australia Inc. (South Australia)
The project will identify future key risks for current and future climatic scenarios, and then develop and implement adaptation strategies.

Up to $240,000 - Grains industry climate initiative - Grain Growers Association (NSW)
The climate change project will involve developing and delivering a communication strategy, a web training portal, a web-based decision tool and a grains industry specific training course for growers.


Up to $71,400 - Virtual SmartCane bus tour - CANEGROWERS
This project will transfer best management practice information into an audiovisual format for distribution to sugarcane growers.

Up to $40,710 - Turf production climate change adoption best practice workshops - Queensland Turf Producers Association
This project aims to promote awareness and enhance producer knowledge of climate change and on-farm adaptation. Workshops will explore the risks and opportunities of climate change and educate producers about adaption techniques and coping strategies.

Up to $211,300 - Developing and implementing grains best management practices for managing climate change and climate variability - AgForce Queensland
The project builds on current grains best management practices and aims to improve the management of climate risk and carbon efficiency in the northern grains industry.

Up to $138,500 - Indigenous training to adapt to climate change in the Fitzroy Basin - Fitzroy Basin Elders Committee Inc
This project supports indigenous people to adapt cultural and natural resource management approaches to minimise the effects of climate change.

Up to $239,300 - Facing Up - Building the capacity of the next generation of northern dairy farmers to meet the climate change challenge - Subtropical Dairy Programme Ltd
The project builds on the capacity of young land managers in areas of preparedness, adaptation and mitigation to climate change to enable them to identify flexible farming systems that will address the increased risks due to a changing climate.

Up to $202,600 - Rural families responding to the challenge of climate change -Toowoomba Focus Group
The project aims to empower the Toowoomba Focus Group to develop strategies to manage the impact of climate change and climate variability on rural families.

Up to $158,000 - CQ Best Practice - Managing climate change from the ground up - CQ Best Practice Group
The project aims to increase awareness of options and increase the uptake of best practice strategies for dealing with climate change.

Up to $108,850 - Climate resilient horticulture for the Gympie district - Mary River Catchment Co-ordinating Committee
This project will prepare growers of macadamias and beans for a changing climate through improved groundcover management to reduce the impact of soil erosion due to increased severity of storms and rainfall.

Up to $238,350 - Preparing dairy farmers for climate change through uptake of best management practice - Queensland Dairyfarmers Organisation
This project is an education package for dairy farmers in Queensland. It will deliver 39 workshops in Queensland over three years to potentially 620 dairy businesses.

Up to $75,000 - Grazier to Grazier: managing carbon flows for resilient pastures in a variable climate - Murilla Landcare Group Inc.
This project is about getting graziers to share information and knowledge about ways to build resilient pastures in a changing and increasingly variable climate.


Up to $153,247 - Improved primary producer knowledge, planning, decision making and adaptation to a changing climate - Lismore Land Protection Group
The proposal aims to develop and provide workshops to local primary producers and support farm visits to existing demonstration sites to enhance producers decision making in a changing climate.

Up to $87,380 - On farm climate change preparedness for the NSW dairy industry - Dairy NSW Ltd
The project is a state-wide approach to collate and disseminate climate change information to the NSW dairy industry through the development and delivery of the Climate Change Training Module.

Up to $10,000 - Tackling climate change on the farm - seminar - Gwydir Valley Irrigators Association Incorporated
The project will hold a seminar in Moree for 70 – 100 farmers, focusing on the likely impacts of climate change in the Northern Murray Darling Basin. It will provide climate change information adaptation options to farmers in the region.

Up to $65,000 - Sharing the Knowledge- irrigating in a changing climate - New South Wales Irrigators' Council
The project will run a series of forums giving individuals the opportunity to share practical experiences of irrigating in changing climate with peers.

Up to $80,000 - Farmfit the next generation - development of a holistic training and professional development package for rice-based farm businesses - Ricegrowers' Association of Australia
The project aims to build on existing skills, knowledge and programs in the industry and equip individual farm businesses with higher level management skills.


Up to $61,450 - Protecting berries from climate change - Y.V Fresh Pty Ltd
This project aims to design and test an optimal covering system for rubus berry production in southern Australia. A literature review will be undertaken to develop the optimum method of cover to protect rubus berry crops from external heat.

Up to $53,710 - Carbon ready dairy demonstration - Macalister Research Farm Cooperative Ltd T/A Macalister Demonstration Farm
This project will assess the current level of carbon pollution produced by the Macalister Demonstration Farm (MDF) and develop strategies to reduce these emissions.

Up to $32,000 - A Climate Change for Opportunity - assisting land managers to deal with climate change issues using new information and innovative technologies - Mid Goulburn Broken Catchment Landcare network T/A Gecko CLaN
The project will hold information sessions and conduct presentations over two years. The sessions will tackle critical information and subjects in relation to climate change on farm and the innovative technologies associated with climate change available.

Up to $160,000 - Developing Landcare Capacity to adapt to climate risks and variable resources availability in the Bookpurnong and Pyap to Kingston on Murray Regions of the Riverland South Australia - Loxton to Bookpurnong Local Action Planning Committee Incorporated
The project will extend and build existing knowledge to better reflect more localised conditions, and explore alternative land, water, farm, and irrigation district adaptation strategies.

Up to $150,000 - Tools for Dairying Change - The implementation of an on-farm climate change adaptation and greenhouse gas emissions mitigation support model for Australian Dairy Farms - Murray Goulburn Co-Operative Co Ltd- Field Services Division
This project will develop the potential for Australia’s largest milk cooperative to directly deliver the latest research in emissions reduction best management practice to its 2,800 suppliers.

Up to $220,000 - Climate change adaptation module - Southern Farming Systems
The project aims to establish extension modules on climate adaptation. The modules are intended to increase awareness of options and strategies for dealing with climate change by providing knowledge of available resources, understanding of best practice and findings from relevant research to farmers. Accreditation of the course will commence in the third year of the project through educational partners SW TAFE and Rural Industries Skill Training.

Up to $250,000 - Industry-led training on risk, financial and environmental management under changing climate for Victorian agriculture - Victorian Farmers Federation
The project will provide comprehensive information and appropriate training to VFF members and other Victorian famers aimed at improving their risk and business management skills, use of new technologies and best practice management techniques to enable them to adapt and respond to the impact of climate change.

Up to $79,666 - Measuring potential impacts of climate change on abalone habitat - Victorian Abalone Divers Association Inc.
The project will provide information to industry about how climate change is impacting on abalone.

Up to $140,000 - Accelerating uptake of strategies to manage heat stress in dairy cattle in Northern Victoria - Murray Dairy Inc.
A study will be commissioned into the physical and economical impacts of heat stress likely under climate change in northern Victoria. A “Cool Cow Cost Analysis Tool” will be developed to support business process and management.

Up to $225,528 - Managing pastures for climate change persistence, productivity and profitability - Burgoigee Creek Landcare Group
The proposal is to assist farmers in the Ovens and King Valleys in north east Victoria to adopt best practice pasture and grazing management strategies that better match the changing climatic conditions.


Up to $34,650 - Farm greenhouse gas emission audits for decision support - Tamar Region Natural Resource Management Strategy Reference Group Inc.
The project involves a review of currently available Greenhouse Gas Calculators. Twenty-five producer farms will be audited using the chosen calculator and informed about types of abatement methods they could implement. A second audit will be conducted a year later to assess individual results.

Up to $80,000 - Implementing emission and energy reduction strategies for Tasmanian agriculture - Northern Tasmania Natural Resource Management Association Inc.
The project aims to develop a property management planning module on energy efficiency and climate change. The module will include discussion groups, field trips, on-farm energy audits, factsheets and the development of energy efficiency self-audit tools and action plans.

Up to $240,000 - Climate ready farming leaders - Cradle Coast Authority
The project aims to make available targeted training packages and workshops to identified “producer leaders” to establish best practice champions. Training packages will be held on farm with theory and practical demonstrations, attended by groups of producers from mixed farming businesses.

Up to $67,850 - Tasmanian seafood industry preparedness for climate change: risks, needs and future strategies - Tasman Seafood Industry Council
This project will conduct a risk assessment and analysis that identifies training and adaption needs for the seafood industry.


Up to $22,500 - Preparing farming businesses for climate change - South East Prime Livestock Achievers
The project is a targeted training program helping producers make well informed changes to their businesses to ensure long term productivity, sustainability and profitability in changing climatic conditions.

Up to $62,240 - Advanced strategies for sustainable field vegetable production - Jeffries Group
The project aims to develop and deliver six workshops that provide the latest information and strategies for managing soil and water quality.

Up to $80,000 - Beef producers climate change adjustment workshop series - Upper South East Beef Group
The project aims to provide individual beef producers with an increased awareness of options and strategies for dealing with climate change through a series of workshops.

Up to $178,950 - Kangaroo Island farmers adapting to climate change - Agriculture Kangaroo Island Incorporated
The project will promote the development and adoption of sustainable production practices, that will directly address the key climate change and sustainable agriculture issues of the Kangaroo Island region.

Up to $156,000 - Implementing new practices to manage climate change variability in the Australian pastoral zone - Bestprac Network
The project aims to improve the capacity of producer groups to increase their industries’ self-reliance and preparedness to adapt to climate change and climate variability.

Up to $160,000 - South Australian aquaculture climate ready - South Australian Aquaculture Council
The project aims to disseminate research outcomes on climate change implications to industry members. The research will then be converted into a competency based training format.

Up to $76,000 - Using soil moisture probes as a climate risk management tool for cropping enterprises - South Australian No-Till Farmers Association Inc
The project will involve a series of workshops to teach farmers about interpreting and making decisions based on soil moisture measures using data probe technologies for dry land cropping systems as a means of managing climate change.

Up to $201,000 - Quantifying the impact of farm management on emissions - Gilbert Agribusiness Group Incorporated
This project will fund the collection of baseline data to calculate relative carbon emissions of different farming systems currently used in the lower north of South Australia to compare farming systems and determine their emissions footprint.

Up to $55,500 - Urease inhibitors to reduce nitrogen loss under centre pivots - Dairy SA Regional Development Program
The project will monitor two pivots where different treatments are applied. The aim is to reduce GHG emission, reduce fertiliser use and costs, maintain farm productivity and improve water run-off quality.


Up to $190,000 - Reduction of methane emissions for effluent ponds on small piggeries - Western Australian Pork Producers' Association
This project aims to bridge the gap between research and practical implementation of methane reduction technology on small piggeries by using impermeable covers over effluent ponds.

Up to $228,500 - Increasing water use efficiency and decreasing input costs for sustainable and profitable farms in a changing climate - The Liebe Group Inc
The project seeks to conduct interactive workshops, farm demonstrations, small plot trials, case studies and project publications. These activities will increase awareness and adaption of strategies to effectively manage climate change and seasonal variability.

Up to $240,000 - Increasing saltland pasture adoption in the Gillamii Area - Gillamii Centre
The project builds on research already started in the district that is addressing issues identified as priorities by the community. It aims to build the capacity of individuals to improve their sustainability and productivity.

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